About Weyergans High Care®

Since more than 30 years, the Weyergans High Care AG develops unique care products and innovative, often patented cosmetic and medical applications.
Our principal claims: Technical excellence, quality, sustainability and evidence.

Reputable research partners such as the German Society of Aerospace Medicine, the institute of biomedical technique of the RWTH Aachen or the Max-Planck-Institute for experimental medicine in Goettingen as well as a large international network support us in our business. Weyergans disposes lots of patents and is internationally represented in more than 40 countries. The company is manifoldly honored and certified to ISO / EN 9001:2010 as well as ISO / EN 13485.
17 patents; Several equity holdings.

Our in-house scientific research, book publications and numerous innovations have turned the company founder, Rudolf Weyergans, into an internationally sought-after specialist in this field.

We adopt extraordinary courses and will do everything for supporting you on your way to a healthy, beautiful and age-resistant body and face For more than care. For High Care®.
High care® cosmetics are holistic! Our unique institute and home treatments, cosmetic products and nutritional supplements are comprisingly build upon each other. Thus, all single parts of high care® cosmetics face and body care complement each other in an unreached and effective way.
  1. Professional seminars
    Our holistic concept starts with participation in our basic and special seminars. Become a high care® professional!

  2. Future Health
    Besides conventional treatment many patients require more services to live healthier, strengthen their individual body image and feel confident. Our treatment concept is strongly orientated to improve health and prevent circulatory disorders.

  3. Face
    Unique, effective short treatments and special facial treatments with high-quality preparations and apparatus add a new radiance to your customers’ skin.

  4. Breasts, décolleté & stomach
    Effective problem zone treatments – our treatments get to grips with even the most stubborn zones with the help of negative pressure and activating substances.

  5. Body styling
    On the basis of tried and tested space technology our innovative Vacustyler® shapes the lower body and bottom with intermittent negative pressure.

  6. Product advice
    The right care for each skin type, the right solution for every skin problem! You can offer your customers the optimum home care with the building block system from high care® cosmetics.

  7. Anti-ageing
    Cosmetological active substances make our toning facial preparations an indispensable component of daily skincare at home.

  8. Connective tissue firming
    To optimize treatment results of care at home or in your institute, our body preparations help to strengthen weak connective tissue and ensure a feeling of success.

  9. Beauty from the inside
    The care products from high care® cosmetics are rounded off by special nutritional supplements. These support the organism with amino acids and enzymes and make your customers radiant from the inside out.

  10. All-round care
    With Weyergans you experience an unrivaled holistic approach in the field of modern body care. For good health and beauty from the inside and outside. For more high care®.

DCT® - Differentiated Cellulite Treatment

Differentiated Cellulite Treatment - DCT® - from Weyergans is a patented therapy to improve cellulite.

In order to treat orange peel skin in a targeted way Weyergans has developed an effective combination of treatment in the institute and at home and a healthy diet and conscious lifestyle. The differentiated supportive treatment in the professional institute should however not be underestimated.

The aim of the Differentiated Cellulite Treatment - DCT® - is the activation of the lymph flow, firmer connective tissue, reduced flab and thus less cellulite. Numerous observational studies from international high care® institutes have been documenting visible and noticeable results for many years.