Detox Body Styler

Cocoon Detoxfication

30 minutes in the protecting cocoon of the patented Pro Shape Body Styler are used for activating cleansing mechanisms of the body. For that, the outer skin acid layer is neutralised by means of an electrolyte gel. After that, oxygen inside of the cocoon is enriched with negative ions (the result: ionised oxygen, so called plasma).

During the treatment, excess acids are neutralised by means of the ionised oxygen. Base is produced and water (H2O) is released. Within the next hours and days, the automatic removal of lymphatic waste products takes place. After the body's own inner purification, acids and bases are in balance. Skin might appear brighter, the user can feel free and more healthy than before.


The relation between acids and bases inside of the body is highly important for the function of all metabolic processes. Normally, these processes need acids and bases in balance to function properly. This balance, amongst others, is a decisive factor for tightness of skin and connective tissue. Wrong nutrition, a lack of physical exercise, stress or illness can lead to an over-acidification of tissue. In this case, it is time for an effective cosmetic treatment.


  • Fastest detox therapy
  • Simple, safe and patented application
  • New target group approach
  • Hygienic treatment procedures
  • Immediate effects possible after the very first treatment
  • No contraindications