You can stop searching – you have reached your goal!

Open up a High Care® Center and you can become a professional provider of a radiant appearance and an all-round, positive body feeling.

In your first own Weyergans High Care® Center you'll be able to offer effective, patented and profitable treatments in the field of

  • Differentiated Cellulite Treatment (DCB®)
  • curative face and bust care
  • special treatments with cosmeceuticals
  • and food supplement programs


Women who want to do something about cellulite, slack skin or varicose veins turn to cosmetic studios or dermatological practices which stock Weyergans High Care® Cosmetics products. The highest requirements with regard to facial care, medical beauty and anti-ageing are also met here.

The advantages of a High Care® Center:

  • exclusive and highly profitable treatments
  • no admission charge or regular licence payments
  • patented, certified, safe products & treatments
  • made in Germany
  • unbeatable unique selling proposition and protected territory
  • personal coaching and full–service packet through our specialist staff


While High Care® Centers are run by franchise* in numerous countries, in Germany it is not necessary to pay fees for this concept. You yourself decide whether you want to start with a High Care® Studio, a High Care® Lounge or directly with a High Care® Center.

For acquiring the distinct High Care® label, these are the possible variations::

  • High Care® Studio
    Min. 3 High Care® devices for Stuido (alternatively 2 devices and the patented Body Wrapping treatment) 
  • High Care® Lounge
    Min. 4 High Care® devices for Lounge (alternatively 3 devices and the patented Body Wrapping treatment) 
  • High Care® Center
    Min. 4 High Care® devices for Center (alternatively 3 devices and the patented Body Wrapping treatment) plus Vacustyler®

Weyergans Centers, Lounges and Studios are part of the Weyergans international family and meet the following standards:

  • A wide range of cosmetic products (cubicle and home care) of the High Care® cosmetic series
  • Application of unique care and treatment concepts/methods developed by the high care® academy
  • Predefined design standards for the premises of the high care® studio, lounge or center
  • Individually adjustable and pre-designed marketing materials for easy customer acquisition, improved client satisfaction and explanations of the unique care concepts


Becoming a Weyergans High Care international partner, brings you a lot of benefits! Some of the advantages are:

  • acknowledged high-quality products (preparations, cosmeceuticals and food supplements) plus innovative equipment,
  • training service in the Weyergans HIGH CARE ACADEMY in historic Gut Boisdorf (with its own guesthouse),
  • constant marketing support
  • you become a customer partner of Weyergans High Care AG and profit from our brand awareness, our experience and our head start when it comes to know-how.

The next step: start out on your successful career now and get in touch with us.