Rosacea means something like „rose petals“. However, this actually very beautiful meaning hides a chronic inflammatory skin disease and weak connective tissue. Rosacea often only occurs after the age of 30 and is particularly reminiscent of late acne, especially in the early stages, because it is not uncommon for unpleasant inflammation and pustules to appear. 

Typical of rosacea is the red blooming of the skin in batches due to enlarged blood vessels. While congested veins leave the complexion still rosy and fresh at the beginning (couperose), this is usually a warning signal for the onset of rosacea. This can become a great emotional burden for those affected! The exact causes of the occurrence of couperose and rosacea have not yet been clearly clarified. What is certain, however, is that, statistically speaking, the disease affects women more than men. This is exactly where Rosacea Skin Control comes in and provides those affected with tailor-made care concepts or a lasting improvement in rosacea skin!

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