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We breathe as long as we live. With every breath we fill up with oxygen from the surrounding air. Our entire organism needs this oxygen for its metabolism in body and mind. In the oxygen of the air, the natural ions that orbit each oxygen molecule are particularly important. Ions are tiny electrical particles. Only because of them we can utilize the vital oxygen of the air we breathe. And only the ions give our cells the energy they need for all of their functions.


While there are usually enough electrical particles in oxygen for a healthy cell metabolism outdoors, the number of ions in cities and metropolitan areas decreases dramatically. This also applies in particular to our apartments or workplaces, and especially to closed rooms. The result: we don‘t get enough energy from oxygen. We feel tired and prepare the place for impairments rather our health. On the other hand, the air by the sea, in the mountains or after a thunderstorm has significantly more oxygen ions. That is why the air is particularly beneficial and refreshing in areas like these.


The IONO-ACTIVE mask increases the number of ions in the air that you breathe many times over. Like when you enjoy a long walk by the sea or when climbing in the high mountains and more.

The new IONO-ACTIVE mask consists of a high-quality reusable mask for the mouth and nose and a compact housing for the necessary technology. The comfortable mask has a permanently elastic strap; it can be put on quickly and is also suitable for people who wear glasses.

There is an ion generator in the mask. This small power plant is connected to the elegant housing by a light, thin cable. With the help of a clip, you can wear this case inconspicuously and comfortably on your belt or simply place it next to you on the desk, the passenger seat or the couch.


Wear the IONO-ACTIVE mask at home, at work, in the car or while walking. You are not restricted in your movement. As soon as you press the power button on the housing and it lights up blue, the oxygen ions are generated right in front of your mouth and nose. With every breath you provide immediately and sustainably a multiple of the important „vital energy“ to your entire organism.


The importance of electrical oxygen ions for our health has been discussed in science and medicine for decades. Above all, this involves the following important functions that regularly occur in aero ion inhalation therapy:

  • Strengthening the immune function
  • Purification of the blood circulatio
  • Antiallergic and antiasthmatic effects
  • Balancing the autonomic nervous system and regulating the heart rate, digestion and breathing rate.
  • Increase in the serotonin level in the brain and, as a result, its effect against anxiety, stress, fatigue, depression, migraines
  • Better sleep and relaxation
  • Anti-inflammatory effect and effect as a natural pain reliever
  • Antibacterial effect and against viruses which are transmitted through the air (e.g. influenza viruses)


Are there any undesirable side effects?
No, everyone can use ion inhalation therapy without restrictions. This has been proven by numerous scientific studies.

Does the mask also work against bacteria and viruses?
Studies show that the ions of oxygen can bind particle smog, bacteria and viruses. The more ions, the better.

How long should you wear the mask?
Use the mask for several hours every day. You can use it e.g. permanently during work. One battery charge lasts up to 18 hours. The charging time is only about eight hours.

What do you feel when you wear the mask?
Oxygen ions can not be felt. However, many people report that they have the feeling that the air they breathe is fresher and that they can breathe better.

Is the mask also suitable for allergy sufferers or asthmatics?
In medicine, ion therapy is even prescribed for this reason. Both allergy sufferers and asthmatics can use the mask without restrictions.

How do I know that the mask is active?
As soon as the blue light of the power button lights up blue, the mask is active.

Can several people use the same device?
Yes, you can order exchangeable masks in different sizes.

Do I have to clean the mask after use?
Ions can already make bacteria and viruses harmless. You can easily clean up contamination from dirt, oils or fats with washing-up liquid and warm water. Therefore, carefully remove the ion generator beforehand. Do not pull on the cable.

Can I use the mask when it‘s raining and snowing?
Yes, but make sure that the housing on the belt clip does not get wet. Similar to a watch or your cell phone, it is only partially waterproof.

Can I speak well with the mask?
The new IONO-ACTIVE mask is much less hindering than a normal everyday mask made of fabric. Talking and telephoning is quite possible.

Is the mask also available in a smaller size for my children? 
Yes, you can also order masks in child size and activate them through reconnection of the ion-generator.


 Battery voltage  6.0 V
 Battery life 18 h
 Battery charging approx 8 h
 Ion concentration 3-5 Mio. negative ions
 Length of cable (Case to the mask) 90 cm
 Case dimensions (H x L x W) 150 x 100 x 40 cm
 Case weight 0.36 kg
 Total weight 0.49 kg