Slide Styler®

Benefit for your legs

Already in the 80ies, the principle of mechanic lymphatic drainage by means of cuffs at feet and legs was developed for edema therapy. Today, as a unique and methodologically sound variant of this principle, the Slide Styler® enables an easy application in cosmetic institutes. During the treatment, overlapping air chambers are rhythmically filled with low pressure. The result: Gently gliding waves act upon tissue of legs and abdomen like a massage. 

Due to that, the Slide Styler® is often titled as a 'benefit for the legs’ – not merely since a well functioning lymphatic system is essential for the well-being of our skin. Indeally, the lymphatic drainage shall induce a balance of water quantity inside of tissue as well as lymphatic activity.


As a unique device with a patented regulation control, you can count on the fulfilment of all requirements. Not without reasons, the Slide Styler® is number one when it comes to lymphatic drainage. Worldwide.


  • Original method
  • Safe, proven treatment
  • Easy to use
  • Overlapping air chambers
  • Highly profitable